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          ProductsDirect drinking water meter
    Products  ——  Direct drinking water meter

    Product details

    Product description

    Under measurement conditions, continuous measurement, memory and display of the total amount of cold water that can be directly drunk flowing through the closed pipe.

    Performance characteristics

    Rotating piston structure, high measurement accuracy.

    Dry structure, clear reading.

    The shell is made of 304 stainless steel.

    Stainless steel ball valve, self-cleaning.

    Anti-magnetic interference function.

    Environmental level: Class B electromagnetic environment: E1

    Accuracy Class: Class II

    Main parameters

    Maximum Permissible Error

    Maximum permissible error: low zone (Q1≤Q< Q2) maximum permissible error is ±5%

    When the water temperature is less than or equal to 30C, the maximum permissible error in the high zone (Q2≤Q≤Q4) is ±2%; when the water temperature is> 30C, the maximum permissible error in the high zone (Q2≤Q≤Q4) is ±3%

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