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    Quality Integrity Report
    From: 2021-02-25

     Quality Integrity Report

    Source: 2020-09-14

    Ningbo Jingcheng Technology Co., Ltd.

    Quality Integrity Report

    Prepared by: Zhou Yajun

    Approval: Wang Jingping

    September 2020

    table of Contents


    General Manager's Address………………………………………………3

    1. Company profile…………………………………………4

    2. Enterprise quality concept……………………………………5

    3. Enterprise quality management………………………………6

    4. Quality and Integrity Management……………………………………12

    5. The basis of quality management……………………………………16

    VI. Product Quality Responsibility……………………………………18


    The quality integrity report issued by the company is compiled in accordance with relevant national quality laws, regulations, regulations and related industry quality standards and norms. The report on the company's quality, integrity and quality management is a true reflection of the company's current situation. The company is responsible for the objectivity of the report content and the authenticity of the relevant statements and conclusions.

    Report scope:

    The organization scope of this report is Ningbo Jingcheng Technology Co., Ltd. This report describes the company's philosophy, system, measures and performance achieved in terms of quality management, product quality responsibility, and quality integrity management from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

    Report release form:

    The company regularly publishes a quality and integrity report every year. This report is published to the public on the company's website in the form of a PDF electronic document. Welcome to download and read and provide valuable opinions.

    General manager's speech

    Honesty is the basic principle of doing business. Ningbo Jingcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to creating a fair, transparent and open environment and corporate culture for all participants in the company's value chain.

    The company attaches great importance to the construction of quality, environment, and occupational health and safety systems, has established a comprehensive comprehensive management system, and passed third-party certification, which provides reliable quality assurance for the company's further market development. The company has established a scientific and complete quality control system, which is widely recognized by customers at home and abroad.

    In the modern economic society, integrity is not only a ethical norm, but also an important resource that can bring economic benefits to the enterprise. Quality integrity is the core element of winning customers. The corporate culture requires all employees to be honest and to build themselves with integrity. Integrity culture, enhance the core competitiveness of the company, and strive to build the most popular smart water meter manufacturer.

    Ningbo Jingcheng Technology Co., Ltd.

    General manager

    Report body

    1. Company profile

    Ningbo Jingcheng Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the Jiangbei Investment and Venture Park with convenient transportation and beautiful scenery. The company covers an area of ​​25,000 square meters. It is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, development, production, sales and service.

    As a participating enterprise in the formulation of national water meter industry standards, since its establishment, the company has been adhering to an innovative and pragmatic work attitude, focusing on the development of new products, and has successively successfully developed mechanical water meter series, IC card smart water meter series, photoelectric direct reading remote water meter series, There are hundreds of specifications and models of products including wireless remote water meter series, wireless valve-controlled water meter series, purified water meter series, mechanical heat meter series, and ultrasonic heat meter series. All series of products have reached international ISO4064, CJ/T133-2007, CJ/128-2007 standards. More than 90% of the products produced have national patents and the company's independent core technology.

    "Keep improving and integrity-based" is the company's goal. The company has passed the quality, environment and occupational health and safety management system certification, and established a set of rigorous and scientific quality and operation management control procedures to ensure the interests of users .

    For a long time, the company has used high-tech research and development to produce various series of products to meet the market demand for saving and reasonable water use and environmental protection requirements, and have been affirmed by the majority of new and old customers. The company adheres to "technology first, quality first, and honest service" The aim is to provide you with high-quality products and excellent services wholeheartedly, and work with you to create a better future.

    2. Enterprise quality concept

    Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to the control of product quality. Product quality is the cornerstone of the survival and development of the company, and the prerequisite for occupying the market and winning customers. Quality comes from my heart, and the company depends on the quality concept of customers. To improve and enhance the company’s quality management level. The company has planned and implemented the management policy of "integrity-based, customer satisfaction, creating a sincere brand; protecting the environment, complying with laws and regulations, building a sincere image; putting people first, safety first, and creating a sincere spirit." In its business activities, the company strictly follows the requirements of relevant laws and regulations, quality management system standards, and management system documents, so that the company’s quality management system can be effectively maintained and continuously improved, and product quality can be effectively guaranteed and continuously improved. So that the company's various quality goals can be effectively achieved.

    In order to fundamentally strengthen and improve quality management and improve the company’s operating quality, the company has taken the introduction of the excellent performance model as an opportunity to implement total quality management, use project management, and pass internal audits, self-evaluations, second-party audits, and third-party audits. Or appraisal, quality month, improvement proposal and technical reform topic presentation and other activities, constantly looking for improvement opportunities to improve quality management, and gradually achieve excellent performance. Since the establishment of the company, the company has never had any major product quality complaints. In the past years, the qualified rate has reached 100% in the random inspections conducted by quality and technical supervision departments at all levels.

    3. Enterprise quality management

    (1) Quality management agency

    The product is the output or result of the process. The quality of the product is determined by the quality of the process, and the quality of the process is determined by the quality of the quality system. In order to ensure the quality of the system, process, and products, the company uses process methods in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system standards to identify the required processes and their sequence and interaction, and clarify process inputs, outputs, interfaces, resources, guidelines, and performance goals Established the company's quality management system structure.

    Company organization chart:

    1) Participate in the formulation and review of the quality strategy to determine the quality strategy;

    2) To convey to the organization the importance of meeting customer requirements and legal requirements;

    3) Formulate management policies;

    4) Ensure the formulation of quality objectives;

    4) Conduct management review;

    5) Ensure the availability of resources;

    6) Personally participate in the monthly quality meeting;

    7) Participate in major product quality review and quality improvement activities;

    8) Participate in quality recognition activities;

    9) Establish a clear quality accident accountability system and quality and safety traceability system.

    At the same time, the company has established a manager representative to determine the responsibilities and authority of the manager representative:

    1. Ensure that the process of quality environment and occupational health and safety management system is established, implemented and maintained;

    2. Report to the top management the performance of the quality environment and occupational health and safety management system and any improvement needs.

    3. Implement environmental protection and occupational health and safety awareness throughout the organization to promote the formation of customer demand awareness;

    4. To liaise with external parties on matters related to the quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system, and to be responsible for liaison and coordination with certification bodies.

    (2) Quality management system

    1. Quality management system policy and objectives

    The company has established and continued to maintain a quality management system, and formulated the management policy of "Integrity-based customer satisfaction, creating a sincere brand; protecting the environment, complying with laws and regulations, building a sincere image; people-oriented, safety first, creating a sincere spirit.", and passed manuals and bulletin boards. Hewang conveys the meaning of the management policy to all employees and related parties.

    In order to continuously improve the company's quality management system, the company formulates a plan every year to implement internal audits of the quality management system and seek opportunities for continuous improvement of the system. At the same time, the company will also make full use of the opportunities for second-party and third-party audits to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.

    Through the introduction of the excellent performance management model and the implementation of total quality management, the company's quality management system has moved from meeting standard requirements to the pursuit of excellence. It has established a quality management system with the company's strategy as the core and GB/T19580 excellent performance model as the framework. Meet the requirements of the five major stakeholders of customers, employees, suppliers, society and partners, and establish corresponding strategic planning and quality goals at all levels of the company. Relying on the company's performance appraisal system, a comprehensive KPI appraisal and quality accountability system including quality indicators has been established.

    2. Quality education

    2. Quality education

    In the process of system operation, the company uses a variety of scientific and effective smart water meters to measure, analyze and improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and the performance of various departments and levels based on the PDCA system method, and adopt benchmarking comparisons and learning Ways, constantly revise personal working thoughts and consciousness, to ensure that the overall goals of individuals and the company are achieved. The company conducts various education and training work according to specific conditions; externally, it actively communicates with customers, government functional departments and various training institutions, and invites experts to conduct special training for company employees in a timely manner. The company regularly combines system operation and actual quality performance, carries out targeted quality education to employees at all levels, and conducts special management of quality control points to ensure the consistency of product quality in the manufacturing process.

    In order to firmly establish the integrity awareness of all employees, the company formulates quality and integrity education and training programs every year. Implement quality and integrity education and training. The company organizes quality and integrity education. According to the requirements of the company, the person in charge of each department prepares education and training plans and content, and carefully organizes and implements the education and training of subordinates. Each team leader is responsible for the integrity publicity and education of employees. The company communicates through websites and corporate WeChat groups, and uses various methods such as morning meetings to implement quality and integrity education for corporate employees. The company gives certain rewards to those who have performed well in the quality and integrity education and training. After the training, the employees who take the lead in the work position or have outstanding achievements are also given certain rewards, and at the same time promote and promote the experience among the employees.

    3. Quality regulations and responsibility system

    By collecting laws and regulations and other standards and requirements, the company formulates internal relevant standards to make products meet the requirements of national laws and regulations and national, industry standards and group standards, and fulfill social responsibilities from the product technology. At the same time, the company has formulated annual and monthly assessment plans to punish product quality problems and follow the principle of not letting go of quality accidents.

    Table 1 Quality standards and other relevant laws complied by the company



    Employee rights

    Social responsibility

    "Labor Law", "Trade Union Law", "Consumer Rights Protection Law", "Environmental Protection Law", "Safety Production Law", "Occupational Disease Prevention Law", ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and other standards.

    Implementation and formulation of product standards

    Mainly implement national standards and industry standards; products to be certified by Zhejiang will implement the "Made in Zhejiang" group standard

    The company formulated the "Internal Audit Control Procedure" and trained an internal auditor team. In order to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of the system operation, the internal audit is arranged for the non-conformities found in the audit, the responsible department analyzes the reasons, formulates corrective or preventive measures, implements the rectification, and verifies the rectification effect, and finally forms an internal audit report. Make recommendations on system rectification and prevention of non-conformities, and report to top management as an important input for management review.

    The company has formulated the "Control Procedures for Non-conforming Products" and "Control Procedures for Continuous Improvement" to strictly control non-conforming products. The company has formulated inspection standards, and products can only flow into the next process or leave the factory after passing the inspection and testing. Any unqualified products have clear requirements for identification, recording, isolation and handling. All unqualified products must be re-inspected before they can enter the next process.

    At the same time, there are detailed records of all non-conformities, and after statistical analysis by a dedicated person, the responsible department formulates corrective measures and rectifies them in accordance with the "Continuous Improvement Control Procedures", and the problem items can be closed only after the corrective measures are evaluated.

    In addition, the company conducts accountability and education for quality problems that arise, and emphasizes standardization in daily development and production operations. Through quality control circles, continuous improvement and other activities and quality functions, the PDCA cycle is fully applied, continuous improvement, and excellence are pursued. .

    (3) Quality and safety risk management

    All products and processes of the company are designed and developed in accordance with ISO9001:2015 requirements and process methods. Risk analysis and other methods are used to conduct product life cycle risk analysis. According to the requirements of the management manual, the product quality and safety risks including product quality and safety risks are analyzed. Various risks and opportunities are identified and evaluated, and necessary measures are taken to reduce risks. And compile process flow charts, production process regulations, work instructions and other documents, and conduct risk analysis for each product requirement and process link. To achieve strict control of every link, strict control, to ensure that all product production meets the relevant requirements, to ensure that the quality of the final product is qualified.

    The management manual and procedural documents have clearly defined the requirements for confirmation and reconfirmation of the process that needs to be confirmed to ensure the ability of the process to achieve the planned results.

    In the process, strictly control the product quality. In the whole process, the quality department conducts inspection and laboratory activities, such as incoming inspection, process inspection, and final inspection. And according to needs, carry out quality management system audits and other work.

    In terms of quality management and control, the company has established a review and release system to prevent quality safety risks. The company has formulated a quality and safety emergency response system, and established an emergency leadership group with the general manager as the team leader, the quality manager as the deputy team leader, and the technical, marketing, purchasing, and production leaders as the team members. And clarified the responsibilities of the emergency leading group and related departments.

    In order to respond quickly and effectively reduce risks, the company has established risk analysis and evaluation documents to prevent and reduce quality and safety risks.

    The following figure shows the risk management flowchart.

    Fourth, quality and integrity management

    (1) Quality commitment

    1) Integrity and compliance

    The senior leaders follow the core values ​​of “being utmost sincerity and sincerity”, and strictly follow the “Company Law”, “Economic Law”, “Contract Law”, “Product Quality Law”, “Safety Production Law”, “Environmental Protection Law”, "Labor Law" and relevant laws, regulations and standards of the water meter industry, and established and implemented quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management systems. The company implemented legal knowledge training for employees, cooperated with government departments to carry out legal education activities, encouraged and commended employees for their "positive energy", so that the integrity and law-abiding style penetrated into the awareness and behavior of all employees of the company. The company’s active contract default rate was zero, never defaulted on bank loans, and overdue accounts receivable fell to a reasonable range. The company’s senior and middle-level leaders had no records of violations of laws and disciplines. The number of violations by employees was zero. A good credit moral image has been established in the society.

    2) Meet customer needs

    The company attaches great importance to technology research and development. Through independent research and development, it has developed a series of smart water meter products to improve product quality and provide customers with high-level products with a higher cost performance. The company strengthens investment in research and development, focuses on customer needs, actively listens to customers' opinions and suggestions on functions, quality, cost, etc., and carries out product improvement and innovation activities to meet customer demand for products and delivery. In terms of product quality, the company strictly implements the relevant requirements of the quality management system, and guarantees product quality and safety through technical research, quality improvement, and proposal improvement groups.

    Over the years, the company has strictly abided by the confidentiality agreement signed with all relevant parties in its entire business activities, and has won high praise from customers, and is often invited by customers to participate in the development of new customer projects.

    (2) Operation management

    1) Product design integrity management

    The company strictly follows the relevant requirements of ISO9001:2015 8.3 to control product design and R&D activities, covering R&D project establishment, project planning, input review, design verification, review and confirmation, various activity records of the design process, summary of the R&D process, design change control, etc. The entire process related to R&D. Respecting the knowledge of others and participating in the practice of protecting intellectual property rights is one of the important contents of our design and development work.

    2) Integrity management of raw materials or parts procurement

    The company classifies and manages materials according to the degree of risk that materials pose to product quality. For material suppliers, in addition to complying with statutory qualifications, on-site inspections are conducted when necessary. And the material supplier should establish quality files. The purchased raw material batches are inspected, and all raw materials that do not meet the prescribed standards shall not be put into storage for use.

    3) Integrity management in the production process

    The company's production department is specifically responsible for production management and on-site process management. Formulated and gradually improved various production management systems, work standards, post operating procedures and various process procedures, management procedures, and standard operating procedures. The use of centralized workshop training and comprehensive job skills training for operators of various positions before and after the shift, and use a variety of methods to conduct inspections and assessments to enhance employee quality awareness and improve the level of operation. Managers strictly perform management duties, check in time, correct errors in time, and ensure the stability of production order.

    Recheck the raw materials, auxiliary materials, and packaging materials required for production, check the quality of intermediate products and finished products, and strictly implement the "three nos" of "no production of substandard products, no acceptance of substandard products, and no circulation of substandard products". Principles", set up quality control points for key processes, and formulated work instructions for each process. The production department conducts material balance management for each production step to ensure that the input of materials and the output quantity of the product are consistent with the process requirements, confirm that there is no potential quality hazard, and meet the requirements of account, material and card consistency.

    The production records and quality records of each process are managed in accordance with the requirements of document control procedures and record control procedures. The employees strictly follow the requirements and fill in the production records to ensure that the handwriting is clear, the content is true, the data is complete, and the operator and the reviewer sign and confirm. After the production is over, the head of the department summarizes and reviews the records and submits them to the competent department in time. After the competent department verifies that they are correct, they are sorted and archived according to the batch number and managed by a dedicated person.

    According to the characteristics of the industry and actual conditions, the company strengthens the information construction level of the production process through the integration of the two management activities, applies ERP and other management systems to collect and monitor the entire production process, and implements information management for the company's entire smart water meter production process . At the same time, tap the internal potential, give full play to the strength of key technical personnel, carry out continuous transformation or technological innovation of existing equipment, set up a technical research team, conduct technical research on weak links, and complete a number of technical research work and error-proofing designs And automated design and production; production employees must undergo training and assessment before they start to work, establish training files for all employees, and conduct training through various methods such as centralized training, pre-class meeting training, "transmission, assistance, and guidance", and visualization to strengthen their Work skills and quality awareness. The production staff strictly abide by the workshop discipline.

    (3) Marketing management

    The company segmented the market and customers according to strategic requirements to improve the effectiveness and pertinence of resources and operations. Determine customer needs and expectations for different types of customers, determine appropriate methods for their needs and expectations, establish corresponding systems and teams, establish various channels and methods, and conduct targeted understanding of customer needs and expectations.

    The company uses industry exhibitions, industry conferences, industry standards committees, public media, the Internet, external agencies and other channels to understand customer needs and expectations through questionnaire surveys, face-to-face or telephone interviews, observation inquiries, and external commissions.

    Each department of the company regularly collects customer information. After analysis, the customer demand information determined is sorted and summarized according to different market segments, forming a database of the needs and expectations of different customer groups, and summarizing the characteristics of the overall needs of different market segments. Summarized information for reference in decision-making such as product planning, product development and design, and process control.

    The company has established a "customer demand-oriented" service concept, requiring sales personnel to be enthusiastic and considerate for any customer, regardless of whether the transaction is made or not, and try to meet all their reasonable needs. Relevant systems such as customer satisfaction and service control procedures have been formulated to standardize contract review, increase the skills and quality of business personnel from all aspects, and improve customer satisfaction rates.

    The company has established a customer return visit system to understand customer needs and satisfaction in a timely manner to improve customer satisfaction.

    The company establishes a rapid response mechanism for prompt feedback and handling of user complaints to resolve problems. For customer complaints, complete the cause analysis within the time required by the customer, formulate and implement corrective measures and feed back to the customer.

    Five, quality management basis

    (1) Standard management

    The company standardizes the enterprise throughout the entire production process, and has formulated relevant standards from the procurement of raw and auxiliary materials and packaging materials, semi-finished products and finished products inspection. In this way, the entire production process from raw and auxiliary materials entering the factory to finished product delivery is under standardized and standardized management, which lays a good foundation for stabilizing product quality and improving corporate management.

    (2) Measurement management

    The company strictly implements the Measurement Law of the People's Republic of China, Product Quality Law and other regulations, and has established a set of management documents and control methods from raw material procurement, process management, production equipment, inspection equipment, process inspection, and finished product inspection. There are metering personnel responsible for the company's in-use metering equipment management, equipment, and regular school inspections. The focus on professional training of metering management personnel provides a strong guarantee for the standardization of the company's metering management.

    In order to ensure product quality, strictly process control in the production process of the product, strengthen the measurement management of raw and auxiliary materials in the production process, and ensure the normal operation of the measurement equipment and the accuracy of measurement.

    Strictly follow the approval plan and management procedures for measuring instruments from purchase, storage and export. The warehouse has a dedicated person to keep the measuring instruments, establish a ledger and registration procedures, and the withdrawal of measuring instruments must pass verification or calibration, and there is verification/calibration. Qualification certificates can only be put into use; the measuring instruments in use shall be inspected strictly on a periodic basis, on-site inspection and supervision shall be strengthened, their use conditions shall be grasped, and problems shall be dealt with in a timely manner; The production of high-quality products has laid a solid foundation for measurement.

    (3) Certification management

    At present, the company has passed the quality, environmental management system, occupational health and safety management system certification, and is preparing for the "Made in Zhejiang" product certification and implementation activities. The company plans and operates the improvement system in strict accordance with the international management system standards, so that the quality of the company’s products is strong The company’s management policy of “integrity-based, customer satisfaction and sincere brand creation; environmental protection, compliance with laws and regulations, and sincere image; people-oriented, safety first, and sincere spirit." Since the establishment of the company, there has never been a major quality complaint. In the random inspections conducted by quality and technical supervision departments at all levels over the years, there has been no unqualified situation.

    (4) Inspection and testing management

    The company passes the inspection of the purchased goods to ensure that the raw and auxiliary materials purchased by the purchasing department meet the specified requirements. The quality department is responsible for the preparation of incoming inspection procedures and the inspection of incoming raw and auxiliary materials; the purchasing department is responsible for handling unqualified raw and auxiliary materials; the warehouse is responsible for the quantity and name of incoming raw and auxiliary materials.

    In order to ensure that all products pass the required inspections in the production process before entering the next process, the company formulates inspection and test control procedures, non-conforming product control procedures, and inspection specifications for each process to carry out strict product and process inspections. The quality department is responsible for setting up inspection stations and laboratories, and is responsible for organizing product inspection; quality inspectors are responsible for inspection of inspection points, semi-finished products and finished products; each production operator is responsible for process quality monitoring. The company is equipped with advanced testing equipment, see the following table:

    Table 2 Main precision testing and experimental analysis equipment


    Use place

    Equipment name


    Advanced level




    Um-level precision three-coordinate measuring instrument

    Parts measurement

    Domestic advanced


    Quality Department

    Gear detector and linear dimension measuring instrument

    Gear measurement

    Domestic advanced



    Metal material testing and plastic strength testing device

    Brand identification and element detection, incoming quality control, plastic tensile strength

    Domestic advanced


    Production workshop

    A01 automatic optical detector

    Inspection circuit board welding components

    Domestic advanced


    Production workshop

    Circuit board function test tool

    Detect the finished circuit board

    Domestic advanced


    Production workshop

    Module leak test device

    IP68 test for airtightness of the whole table or parts

    Domestic advanced


    Production workshop

    Withstand voltage test device

    Water meter static pressure test

    Domestic advanced


    Production workshop

    Flow measurement standard device

    Indication error test

    Domestic advanced


    Production workshop

    Durability test device

    Water meter durability test

    Domestic advanced



    High temperature, low temperature, alternating damp heat test equipment

    Circuit board or whole meter inspection

    Domestic advanced



    Salt spray test device

    Circuit board or whole meter test

    Domestic advanced


    Production workshop

    Simulated water meter multi-posture installation test device and simulated natural environment waterproof test device

    Simulate the use of the water meter in the natural environment and analyze the water meter’s waterproof performance

    Domestic advanced



    Transmitter performance

    Electronic module test

    Domestic advanced



    Receiver performance and communication power consumption testing equipment

    Electronic module test

    Domestic advanced

    Six, product quality responsibility

    (1) Product quality level

    The company has a continuously expanding design and development team of "capable, professional, innovative, and efficient", and continuously improves the technical level and quality performance of its products. It has been recognized by customers and industries worldwide.

    The company's business scope covers the whole country and has won the trust of customers through differentiated market strategies.

    Table 3 Honors and commendations the company has received in recent years

    Serial number


    Awarding Department




    After-sales service certification

    National Commodity After-sales Service Evaluation Standard Certification Review Committee



    2020 Recommended Catalogue of Ningbo Quality Products

    Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Bureau



    Telecommunications equipment access license

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China



    Radio transmission equipment type approval certificate

    Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China



    Top 10 Brand Value Companies

    The Organizing Committee of the 18th China Water Meter Enterprise Ranking



    Top ten enterprises with stable quality

    The Organizing Committee of the 18th China Water Meter Enterprise Ranking



    Top ten enterprises with comprehensive strength

    The Organizing Committee of the 18th China Water Meter Enterprise Ranking



    National Quality Integrity Benchmarking Enterprise

    China Quality Inspection Association



    National leading enterprise in the quality of instrumentation industry

    China Quality Inspection Association



    National quality inspection stable and qualified products

    China Quality Inspection Association



    Industry Innovation Benchmarking Enterprise

    Organizing Committee of the 17th China Water Meter Enterprise Ranking



    Selected as a service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise in Zhejiang Province

    Zhejiang Provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology



    Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Product Certificate-IC Card Smart Water Meter

    Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Product Selection Committee



    Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Product Certificate-Yuanchuan Water Meter

    Zhejiang Excellent Industrial Product Selection Committee



    AAA-level quality service integrity unit certificate

    Juxin Kangcheng International Credit Investigation Co., Ltd.



    AAA credit enterprise

    Juxin Kangcheng International Credit Investigation Co., Ltd.



    Member Unit of the Thermal Energy Meter Working Committee of the Metrology Association

    China Metrology Association Thermal Energy Meter Working Committee



    2016 Smart Water Technology Leading Enterprise

    Organizing Committee of the 15th China Smart Water Meter Enterprise Ranking



    2016 Top Ten Companies of Smart Water Comprehensive Strength

    Organizing Committee of the 15th China Smart Water Meter Enterprise Ranking



    2015 Ningbo Informatization and Industrialization Demonstration Enterprise

    Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Commission


    twenty one

    Wet-type liquid-sealed photoelectric direct-reading remote water meter honor certificate

    Ningbo Economic and Information Technology Commission


    twenty two

    Innovative outstanding enterprise

    Organizing Committee of the 13th China Smart Water Meter Enterprise Ranking


    twenty three

    The most competitive enterprise

    Organizing Committee of the 12th China Smart Water Meter Enterprise Ranking

    Year 2014

    twenty four

    Senior Member Enterprise of China Instrument Network

    China Instrument Network

    Year 2014


    Top ten quality brands

    The Organizing Committee of the Survey of China's Leading Quality Enterprises



    China's top 500 quality

    The Organizing Committee of the Survey of China's Leading Quality Enterprises


    (2) Product after-sales responsibility

    The company has established and implemented customer complaint handling procedures to ensure timely and effective handling of customer complaints. Customer complaints are handled by full-time personnel, and each complaint is closely monitored. According to the difference in the type and degree of customer complaints, it is customer-centric and focuses on collecting and solving customer feedback, and taking necessary corrective measures to prevent the repetition of similar problems occur. Follow up the complaint handling process by telephone or email return visit to understand customer satisfaction.

    At the same time, the company's quality department regularly monitors customer complaint information, collects and analyzes the recurring problems in the market that affect customer satisfaction and product debugging, and forms a report. Organize various internal departments to hold product quality meetings on a regular basis to tackle and improve major product quality issues, eliminate quality risks, and improve product quality satisfaction.

    (3) Corporate Social Responsibility

    The company actively fulfills its public responsibilities, civic obligations and abides by ethics while the company continues to develop. In terms of public responsibility, the company puts environmental protection, employee occupational health and safety and reduction of energy consumption as the focus of its work, actively innovates, continues to improve, and has achieved remarkable results; in terms of moral behavior, the company advocates "extremely sincere and far-reaching "", and take into account the interests of customers, company employees, the government and other related parties; in terms of public welfare support, senior leaders set an example, employees actively participate, and actively return to society.

    1) Public responsibility

    The company seeks the harmonious development of the enterprise and the environment, and actively invests in advanced equipment and technology with reasonable profits and economic benefits. Through the risk identification of the company's possible harmful effects to the society during the operation of the company, and strictly abide by various relevant laws and regulations, various effective governance measures are adopted to make it meet the requirements of laws and regulations and safeguard the public interest of society.

    The company's products, production and operation processes have certain environmental and occupational health and safety risks. The company attaches great importance to environmental and occupational health and safety risk control, strictly implements relevant national laws and regulations, established and implemented an environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system, formulated and implemented "Wastewater, Waste Gas and Noise Emission Control Procedures", and safety production management System and emergency plan and other systems and management methods, organize the signing of safety management target responsibility letters every year; establish a safety early warning mechanism and an emergency response mechanism for safety accidents; conduct regular fire drills and emergency collective drills every year to achieve environmental and occupational health and safety goals; The company has formulated control procedures for energy saving and consumption reduction, and formulated a resource recycling system to recycle available resources. The company's environmental, safety, energy consumption and other measurement indicators, methods, and control processes are shown in the table below.

    Table 4 Public responsibility index measurement and control methods

    controlled object



    Key control process

    Monitoring method and frequency


    Product quality and safety

    Product key physical and chemical performance indicators

    1. Formulation and implementation of production quality management documents such as production process regulations, batch production records, quality standards, and SOPs;

    2. Inspection and release control of materials, intermediate products, products to be packaged and finished products;

    1. The company inspects each batch of products according to quality standards;

    2. The national and local market supervision agencies conduct random inspections in accordance with regulations and plans.

    100% pass rate of market supervision spot check

    Production safety

    Fire accidents, hazardous chemical injuries, electric shock injuries, pressure vessel explosions, falling from high altitudes, mechanical injuries, injuries to motor vehicles in the venue, etc.

    1. The formulation and implementation of the safety production responsibility system;

    2. Sign a safety production responsibility certificate;

    3. Identification, evaluation and update of hazards;

    4. The formulation and implementation of management plans;

    5. The formulation and implementation of operating procedures;

    6. The formulation, training, drill and summary of emergency plans.

    1. Organize an internal audit once a year;

    2. System management review and annual follow-up audit by third-party certification companies;

    3. The safety inspection organized by the competent government department;

    4. The company organizes an emergency plan drill every year;

    5. Safety regulation compliance evaluation once a year;

    6. Entrust external inspection of special equipment.

    No major safety production accidents

    Environmental protection

    Wastewater, noise at the factory boundary, solid waste, etc.

    1. Identification, evaluation and update of environmental factors;

    2. Classified storage and disposal of solid waste;

    3. The formulation and implementation of management plans;

    4. The formulation and implementation of operating procedures;

    5. The formulation, implementation, evaluation and drill of emergency plans.

    1. Organize an internal audit once a year;

    2. System management review and annual follow-up audit by third-party certification companies;

    3. Entrust a qualified organization to monitor the three wastes discharge every year;

    4. Entrust a qualified unit to treat hazardous waste;

    5. The company organizes annual environmental emergency plan drills;

    6. The company arranges personnel to inspect the site every month.

    Environmental emission standards

    Occupational Health

    Toxic and harmful factors: noise, dust, etc.

    1. Identification, evaluation and update of occupational hazards;

    2. The formulation and implementation of management plans;

    3. The formulation and implementation of operating procedures;

    4. The distribution and correct wearing of labor protection equipment.

    1. Organize an internal system audit once a year;

    2. Check the wearing of labor protection equipment of employees every week;

    3. Regular occupational disease examinations shall be carried out in accordance with regulations;

    4. Entrust a qualified unit to conduct on-site inspection of occupational hazards every year;

    5. Evaluation of compliance with occupational health laws and regulations.

    No occupational diseases

    Energy consumption and comprehensive utilization of resources

    Power consumption etc.

    1. Formulate and implement "Environmental Control Procedures" and energy management requirements;

    2. Management of energy measuring instruments;

    3. Statistical analysis of energy;

    4. Implementation of energy saving projects.

    1. Statistics and analysis of energy data and publication of energy consumption data;

    2. Inspections organized by government authorities and monitoring of major energy-consuming equipment;

    3. Check the implementation results of energy saving projects.

    Energy consumption continues to decline

    The company analyzes and evaluates the company's problems in quality management, environmental protection, energy consumption, comprehensive utilization of resources, health and safety through annual internal audits, second-party audits, and third-party supervision audits, and takes measures to implement improvements.

    2) Moral behavior

    The company's ethical behavior is mainly manifested as: within the company, it is mainly responsible to senior leaders, middle-level leaders and employees; among the companies, it is mainly responsible to suppliers and customers; outside the company is mainly responsible to customers, shareholders, the government and society.

    Enterprise internal: conduct a democratic evaluation of senior leaders once a year, mainly for the evaluation of political thought, leadership art, business, etc.; for middle-level leaders, formulate regulations for leading cadres to practice honesty in order to improve the moral and management level of middle-level leaders. For company employees, there are various administrative management systems and other binding regulations.

    Between enterprises: The company has established a good partnership with suppliers and customers, and meets regularly for exchanges. In the daily procurement of raw and auxiliary materials, the Purchasing Department strictly operates and implements the "Contract Law" and "Procurement Control Procedures" to minimize the contract default rate and the amount of claims. For customers, ensure quality and comply with contracts. The company's products mainly implement national standards, industry standards and Zhejiang manufacturing group standards in terms of quality. The product quality is well received. At the same time, in fulfilling marketing contracts, the company has always adhered to the "Contract Law" and other business regulations, abiding by the law, and good cooperation with customers regardless of size.

    For the government and social organizations: pay taxes in accordance with the law, integrity and self-discipline. Paying taxes in accordance with the law is the basic moral bottom line of an enterprise and an important guarantee for the sound economic and social development. As a leading enterprise in the industry, the company has its due responsibility and obligation to pay taxes in accordance with the law. The company pays more than 1 million yuan in 2019, which has made its due contribution to economic and social development.

    3) Charity support

    The company emphasizes corporate social responsibility and sincerely returns to society. The top management of the company attaches great importance to the cause of public welfare support, vigorously advocates and leads by example, and the company will unremittingly develop the public welfare cause as the company continues to develop. According to the development strategy, the company plans the cost and direction of public welfare support every year.

    Table 5 The company's charity donations in recent years



    Charity support direction


    Donated 15,000 yuan through Lions club charity activities



    Donated 15,000 yuan through Lions club charity activities



    Donate 20,000 yuan through Lions club charity activities


    (4) Quality credit records

    The company strictly performs management responsibilities, strictly controls the production process, and ensures that the products are qualified. Since the establishment of the company, there have been no major quality complaints, and no penalties by market regulatory agencies due to quality issues.

    Report conclusion

    The construction of quality and integrity is the common responsibility of the whole society and requires the joint efforts of everyone. The company will continue to work hard, operate with integrity, assume the responsibility of the first responsible person for corporate quality and safety, and make our due contribution to the healthy, orderly, sound and rapid development of the industry!